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The Development(pre-production) environment is the replica of production one (except for its content), and it provides a space to test all the installation/configuration/migration scripts and procedures before they get applied to the production environment. Stake Holders and Reviewers have access to development site, where they can test/preview new or existing features and use them for demo purposes. All the code changes, features, or any bug fixes have to pass through development before getting released to production. Another important use of development is performance or stress testing.


Caution: The development environment is for demonstration purpose only. You can test most of the nmrXiv features but DO NOT use the dev site for your work. All the data stored here can be reset anytime.


The Production environment is also known as live, particularly for servers, as it is the environment with which users directly interact. It is where the software or products are made live for the intended users to use. Code should go in the production after all known bugs have already been fixed, and the product or update must work perfectly.


  1. Deployment environment